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[email protected] Cloud
Startups Cloud

[email protected] Cloud is a global program focused on accelerating business success for startups

$3,000 to $20,000 Cloud Credits

Google Cloud
Startup Cloud

Google Cloud helps you accelerate your business transformation by giving you the cloud services you need.

$300 credits (90 days validity)

Free $300

Oracle Cloud
Cloud Startups

Always Free cloud services and get a 30-day trial. Build, test, and deploy applications on Oracle Cloud—for free.

Free Tier and $300 Credits

Scaleway Startup Program
Startups Cloud

Cloud computing for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs

Free Credits and Other Perks

Startup with IBM

Complete cloud platform to manage your data and processes.

$120,000 in cloud credits on IBM’s open and secure cloud

Google Cloud Startup Program
Cloud Startups

Supercharge your growth with the startup program

Up to $100k Credits on GC

Cloud Hosting

OVHcloud Startup Program, We help you build the future

Up to $100k OVH Hosting

Clever Bootstrap Program
Startups Cloud

The best way to scale with confidence

100k € in progressive discounts

Hatch by DigitalOcean
Startups Cloud

Hatch is our global startup program that helps you grow your business. Spend less time worrying about cloud infrastructure and more time building great things.

Hatch by DigitalOcean

Amazon Activate
Startups Cloud

Amazon cloud services platform startup program

Get up to $5000 free credit

Free $5000

Best WooCommerce Cloud Hosting

Managed wooCommerce store servers with all the features that maximize store performance

10% off for 3 months (starts at $10/month)

$10 $9

Cloudways: Cloud Web hosting discount copoun
Cloud hosting

Web hosting that can scale without the management hassle

10% off for 3 months "discount code"

Drift for Early Stage Startups
Startups Cloud

Bring your go-to-market teams together to deliver personalized customer experiences in real time

10 Seats Free, Unlimited Contacts

Cloud Startups

Database-as-a-Service Provider, Deploy, monitor and scale in few simple clicks

50% off the fully managed hosting plans

Microsoft for Startups
Startups Cloud

Microsoft founders hub, Supporting all founders from idea to exit

upto $350K in benefits

SendGrid (Email API + Marketing Campaigns) - US$1,000
Startups Email

SendGrid is a platform that makes it possible to easily create and manage your email campaigns

$1,000 in credits for 1 year

MongoDB for Startups
Startups Cloud

mongoDB is a leading NoSQL databases that will help you spend less time managing your information and more time using it.

Receive free credits, valid for 12 months