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E-Supply Chain Diploma 2022

Know all the tools you need to succeed in your e-commerce presence.

70% discount on entire program

EGP5550 EGP18500

International Diploma of Intrapreneurial Management (idem)

+60 hours of practical training on how to establish a successful running business

80% off on First Phase (15 lectures)

EGP3700 EGP18500

Legalize your company in 30 mins
Virtual Office Co-Working Spaces

Get your virtual office and register your business instantly

75% discount on annual fees

EGP3000 EGP12000

6 Sessions of Business Coaching
Business Consulting Consulting

Monitor, audit, and develop your business guidelines.

30% discount + 1 free session

EGP3000 EGP4500

كتاب: دليلك للتسويق للشركات (B2B)

دليل متكامل للتسويق للخدمات الخاصة بالشركات، موجه لكل مقدمي الخدمات من هذا النوع

دليل مجاني للتسويق للخدمات الخاصة بالشركات


Payroll Tax Quarter Report
Payroll Tax

Prepare quarter payroll tax reports

20% discount on Quarter package

EGP2000 EGP2500

Tech Startups Consultation
Consulting Startups

Let's help you shape your idea, challenge your assumptions and think through the MVPs

Free 30min Consultation Call

Free $50

Prepare Monthly VAT reports
Finance Tax

Ensure financial stability for startups & SMEs

20% discount on monthly package

EGP2000 EGP2500

ورشة: العوامل العشرة للنجاح في الحصول على تمويل
Training Webinar

تعرف على أبرز العوامل للحصول على تمويل ناجح في ويبينار أونلاين على زووم

FREE Online Webinar


Free financial consultancy
Finance Consulting

Ensure financial stability for startups & SMEs

Free accountancy and tax Consulting


Best WooCommerce Cloud Hosting

Managed wooCommerce store servers with all the features that maximize store performance

10% off for 3 months (starts at $10/month)

$10 $9

SendGrid (Email API + Marketing Campaigns) - US$1,000
Startups Email

SendGrid is a platform that makes it possible to easily create and manage your email campaigns

$1,000 in credits for 1 year

Twilio Startups

Strengthen your customer relationships with twilio multi-channel communications

$500 in credits for 1 year

Wise Legal Services
Legal Consultancy

WISE Law Firm, Corporate Law services

65% off for on our company establishement packagage

EGP3500 EGP10000

Own Your E-Commerce Store

Organize your selling processes, purchasing and market your products for all the customers via e-commerce store specially made and integrated with shipping and payment companies.

30% OFF ON e-Store

$700 $1000

HubSpot for Startups
Startups CRM

CRM,marketing automation & customer service software suite

Save 30%-90% on all the tools you need to increase leads

SimpSell: Sell online in minutes
eCommerce Social Media

The easiest way to create an online store and start receiving orders in few clicks.

50% off on monthly plan for "Limited Number"

EGP110 EGP220

E-khales: Payment Gateway
Payment Gateway Startups

E-finance is the pioneer of digital payments infrastructure behind Egypt’s growing digital economy

Free integration & commission rate of 2.2%+1LE per


Enjoy Big Savings with BenefEx App

Enjoy savings on special deals and discounts through a wide network of service providers & merchants

Register Now Annual Membership EGP 100 per user

EGP100 EGP200

Crisp Startup Program

Give your customer experience a human touch

Crisp Startup Program

Cloudways: Cloud Web hosting discount copoun
Cloud hosting

Web hosting that can scale without the management hassle

10% off for 3 months "discount code"

Agora for Startups

Agora for Startups

Up to 1 million promotional minutes

Idem: الوظيفة ولا ستارت أب؟ - حلقة حصرية
Training Startups

حلقة خاصة وحصرية للجواب على سؤال: امتى أسيب وظيفتي وأتفرغ للستارت اب بتاعي، مقدمة من Capital School of Business



Cloud Startups

Database-as-a-Service Provider, Deploy, monitor and scale in few simple clicks

50% off the fully managed hosting plans

Amazon Activate
Startups Cloud

Amazon cloud services platform startup program

Get up to $5000 free credit

Free $5000

Microsoft for Startups
Startups Cloud

Microsoft founders hub, Supporting all founders from idea to exit

upto $350K in benefits

Oracle Cloud
Cloud Startups

Always Free cloud services and get a 30-day trial. Build, test, and deploy applications on Oracle Cloud—for free.

Free Tier and $300 Credits

Mixpanel for Startups

The most powerful product analytics

$50,000 in Mixpanel Credits

Google Cloud Startup Program
Cloud Startups

Supercharge your growth with the startup program

Up to $100k Credits on GC

Post Affiliate Pro
Affiliate Startups

Post Affiliate Pro is affiliate software that runs your entire affiliate program from top to bottom. It is intuitive, fast, effective, and infinitely expandable and scalable.

20% Off All plans with code INSTADEEL20

Start formula 101

A program is made of graduates and pre-graduates to identify their career path, either as employee or as startup

50% off for Career Path (40 hours) - one month - twice/week

EGP250 EGP500

Chat Agent

LiveAgent is a fully-featured help desk software that helps you bring personalization to your customer interactions.

20% Off All plans

The Legal Clinics
Legal Startups

Full Corporate legal services (Incorporation – Contracts – Tax Card – Insurance File – Trademark Registration – Company restructure.

10% discount of The Legal Clinic's Case by Case payment option.

Motion Graph videos package - Click Media Production
Advertising Startups

Advertising videos package for startups

20% discount on package price

EGP12000 EGP15000

Typograph videos package - Click Media Production
Advertising Startups

Advertising videos package for startups

25% discount on package price

EGP9000 EGP12000

Infographic/Life shooting videos package - Click Media Production
Advertising Startups

Advertising videos package for startups

20% discount on package price

EGP14000 EGP18000

Business juinors Program

Businessjuinors is a program is focusing on raising the business skills and awareness for children from 10 to 12, 12 to 14 and 14 to 16.through exploring their intelligences, expanding their interests

50% off for 8 sessions

EGP500 EGP1000

Training Women

برنامج ومنتور يركز و يهتم بالمراه حيث يدعم عمل المراه عن طريق محاوله تذليل العقبات امامها و تفسير كيفيه تقوم المراه بالتفاعل مع تحديات الحياه المختلفه لتكون قادره علي انشاء عملها الخاص

90% off for the 6 day sessions

EGP500 EGP5000

Google Cloud
Startup Cloud

Google Cloud helps you accelerate your business transformation by giving you the cloud services you need.

$300 credits (90 days validity)

Free $300

Cloud Hosting

OVHcloud Startup Program, We help you build the future

Up to $100k OVH Hosting


A Robust, Scalable, Beautiful, Highly Agile & Economical SaaS CRM & ERP

6 months free on startup plan

Zendesk CRM
CRM Startups

Customer support software that’s scalable and easy to use

6 months Free


Collect fast visual feedback from any website or design.

50% off annual plan

Startups communication

Strengthen relationships with your customers with an online messaging system.

95% off on Advanced features and the Early Stage Academy

Segment Startup Program

Segment allows you to collect data from your web and mobile applications and provides key information about your customers and users for your marketing and product teams.

$25,000 credits

Amplitude Startup Scholarship
Startups Analytics

Amplitude analyzes the behavior of your online users, identifies trends and patterns and provides you with all the reports and data you need to make the right business decisions.

1 year Free

Instabug for Startups

Ship your app confidently with the best quality & performance

Eligibilty based discounts on all plans

Freshworks for Startups

Software suite for sales, marketing, and customer service teams

$10000 in credits

Hatch by DigitalOcean
Startups Cloud

Hatch is our global startup program that helps you grow your business. Spend less time worrying about cloud infrastructure and more time building great things.

Hatch by DigitalOcean

Startup with IBM

Complete cloud platform to manage your data and processes.

$120,000 in cloud credits on IBM’s open and secure cloud

[email protected] Cloud
Startups Cloud

[email protected] Cloud is a global program focused on accelerating business success for startups

$3,000 to $20,000 Cloud Credits

Clever Bootstrap Program
Startups Cloud

The best way to scale with confidence

100k € in progressive discounts

Scaleway Startup Program
Startups Cloud

Cloud computing for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs

Free Credits and Other Perks

MongoDB for Startups
Startups Cloud

mongoDB is a leading NoSQL databases that will help you spend less time managing your information and more time using it.

Receive free credits, valid for 12 months

Dialpad for Startups

Connecting more teams everywhere

10 free seats

The GoSquared Early Stage Plan

Turbocharge the growth of your startup with the one tool designed to help early stage businesses scale.

The GoSquared Early Stage Plan

Drift for Early Stage Startups
Startups Cloud

Bring your go-to-market teams together to deliver personalized customer experiences in real time

10 Seats Free, Unlimited Contacts

Startups Email

Reliable email delivery for bootstrapped startups

$75 free credit

SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE® Works for Startups Program
Startups Design

SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE® Works for Startups Program

12-month accounts of 3DEXPERIENCE Works

Autodesk Fusion 360 for Startups
Startups Design

Push the limits with an integrated CAD, CAM and CAE solution.

Autodesk Fusion 360 for Startups

Esri Startup Program
Startups GIS

Pioneering ArcGIS, powerful mapping and analytics software

Esri Startup Program


Collaborative To-do List & Mindmaps. Remote Team Workspace

Up to 15 users/seats included free, for eligible startups

Design Interior

In Architime, we provide our clients with state of the art, tailor-made interior and product designs that are innovative, functional and cost-efficient.

10% discount on our exclusive products and furniture

Legal Startups

Full services boutique law firm founded. Focusing on corporate finance, customs, international trade, litigation, asset transfer, employment and much more..

100% off for first consultation

Design Marketing

To design is much more than simply to assemble, to order, or even to edit: it is to add value and meaning, to illuminate, to simplify, to clarify, to modify, to dignify, to dramatize, to persuade, and perhaps even to amuse. To design is to transform prose into poetry.

20% on all services

WMA consultancy
Financial Tax

Financial and tax consultant Support companies in accounting and financial management , tax services and training for financial department team

20% off for a monthly package of 36 hours

EGP12000 EGP15000

Lead Generation Marketing

Collect professional email addresses fast and connect with anyone.

30% off on any plan

CRM Sales

Stay focused on sales and collect more leads with this lead management software

30% discount for 6 months