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+40 hours of practical training on how to establish a successful running business


Get your first phase of the International Diploma of Entrepreneurial Management (idem) SPECIAL EDITION for Zambian Entrepreneurs WOMEN with a 90% discount.

The first phase introduces the Business & life psychology foundation to support and develop the business communities by providing business aids for different business types startups, SMEs, and corporates.

The first phase includes:

  1. Business & Life Balance, Ideation Phase
  2. Business Modeling and Marketing Strategies
  3. Business and Technology Fundamental
  4. Bootstrapping and Fundraising
  5. How to pitch your idea in a minute?

At the end of phase 1, your ideation will be completed, and you will get preliminary feedback from the instructor.

About idem

What is idem?

A specialized program designed as practical and theoretical experience that is designed by the Capital School of Business, managed by Mentors, and accredited by IAO, and UN.

For Whom?

Startups who pursue the Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management develop a solid foundation in entrepreneurial management, professional leadership, and communication skills that prepare them for a variety of career opportunities or to start their own business.

* Startups will have the opportunity to meet successful alumni and entrepreneurial leaders to help them build their professional network.

Sign up for Round 2 of level one by:

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  2. Copy the form link and paste it into a blank browser page,
  3. Fill your data inside the form,
  4. if you have any inquiries, contact [email protected]


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